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I really loved the popping of the colors on the cover of the book. It definitely grabs your attention if you were walking by it. The cover doesn't give off much of what the story is all about beside maybe that Darren lives in the city and works at Starbucks, but nothing really exciting. I always find it strange when it starts off several chapters into the book. I always feel like you really miss the part of the story that truly builds the character and gives that special background info with the main characters. However, the book is very catchy and Mateo Askaripour did a fantastic job on the dialogue of the story. It is a bit fast paced, but still very well written! Darren moves from a minimum wage job to working on wall street and going down a whole new path in his life from living paycheck to paycheck to being able to now live in comfort. Darren has a whole new world to learn.