There's a lot to unpack

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I'm still processing this book. So much happened that I almost wish it was split up into two books. It's certainly a rollercoaster ride. I can definitely say that I did not expect most of the twists and turns in this book! I was rooting for Darren (even when he was a jerk) to do the right thing. I was disappointed with his character development throughout the book. Darren is a bright, young black man who hasn't met his potential at the beginning and through a series of crazy circumstances rises to the top of a NYC startup. He quickly gets sucked into that lifestyle and we lose the parts of him that were endearing and I don't think we ever got them back.

However, the satirical elements of a cult like startup were so spot on. From the hazing to the over the top celebrations and zero work/life balance, I could feel the frenzied energy in each page. I enjoyed and hated in equal parts the scenes in the office. Overall, I enjoyed this book and the wild ride it took me on.