Intense Satire

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OK. Wow. 5 stars for the writing and storytelling. 5 stars for evoking ALL the emotions. This book is an absolute ride!

But I need to say that I hated all these characters. And not in the love to hate kinda way.

Darren, nicknamed Buck, is a Starbucks barista that is taken under his wing by entrepreneur and startup CEO, Rhett Daniels. Rhett is charismatic and came across as a cult leader. Buck starts working for Rhett and is immediately the target of explicit and microagressive racism. I did so much cringing. I had to remind myself that this book is satire and intended to be in your face.

I truly enjoy satire, but this book was hard to swallow. I hated all the characters. There were so many situations that I just wanted to run away screaming. Buck is an arrogant ass and so is Rhett Daniels. And I can do without the R word, even in satire.

The reason I give this book 5 stars is because it evoked so many emotions. But I am not sure that I can recommend this book unless the person understands what they are getting into.