Exploring the Modern American Work System, Racism, and Questionable Justice System

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That is not what I was expecting from this story. The entire time I’m listening to this, I’m thinking what a ridiculous work environment and how is this going to set anyone up for success? And then I get a bombed dropped on me. This went so much deeper and so much more corrupt than I was expecting.

Black Buck explores the modern American work force, racism, and our severely lacking justice system all in one novel. The author also goes into depth with consequences in regards to your choices, posing a great question of where do you see yourself and how are you going to get there while also being mindful of your actions and how they make an impact, whether it be an impact on yourself or others?

On another note completely unrelated to the content of the novel or story, this cover is so eye catching! I really love it.

I received an electronic copy of this novel prior to release from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.