Emotional Rollercoaster

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This book took me through a range of emotions. As someone who works at a startup company myself I was amused by some of the similarities around monthly goals, the stress, and celebrating when those are hit. Those were definitely spot on!

It was really hard to read how Buck was treated by his coworkers. While I would love to think these are exaggerations, I know this is not the case. I too have many friends that have shared similar experiences of things that have happened in their workplace. I'm glad the author put an emphasis here, I think its important for people to read.

I love how Buck uses what he learned to teach others. "Rising tide lifts all boats." I think this is something that we can all do more of. I also loved seeing the sales techniques and teachings that were spread throughout the novel.

Overall I enjoyed it and I think anyone in tech/sales should read this book.