Conflicting thoughts

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What to do when the writing is good but the characters drive you crazy? You continue reading. Darren follows is a young black man that works at Starbucks as lead barista with a black apron and all to signify his position. Twenty-two and chose not to go to college, he lives with his Mom who holds out hope he will live up to his potential.
An unusual encounter with internet start-up wunderkind, Rhett Daniels, while he is ordering coffee, sets Darren's trajectory to riches and fame. But at a cost. First of which is his name which is quickly replaced with Black Buck shortened to just Buck.
Black Buck seems to be both a novel similar to The Wolf of Wall Street and a guide for potential salespeople. In a different font between chapters of paragraphs, the reader will come upon snippets of advice from the author or character extolling the potential of previous content found within the novel that can be used for people out there selling. It's a novel device that works within the context of the story.
But, the overall awful people that populate this story cannot overcome the locals and family of Darren.

Thank you to NetGalley for an early copy in exchange for a honest review.