A strong debut novel

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Black Buck is a satirical novel about a young black man named Darren (or Buck as he's nicknamed) whose career catapults when he impresses the CEO of a company while working at Starbucks.

I really loved this book and couldn't put it down. It was thought provoking and while yes, I thought some of the situations and scenes were highly exaggerated, I knew this was written as a satire. The topics of white privilege and working in Corporate America felt very relevant and timely. One of the things I loved about the structure of the novel was that there were sales tactics scattered throughout (definitely had some Wolf of Wall Street vibes). One of my favorite quotes was: "An opportunity means change. An opportunity means action. But most of all, an opportunity means the chance of failure. And it’s the potential for failure, more than failure itself, that stops so many people from beginning anything."

I gave it 4 stars as I felt like the premise got a little too crazy for me towards the latter half. Overall, I still recommend the read.