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This book is absolutely fabulous. To me, Beyond That, The Sea, is a story, first and foremost, about change. It's about how people grow up, how relationships change, how grief affects people, how people get back on their feet. This story spans nearly four decades, and it's filled with family and love and waiting. The chapters are really short, two half pages, at times, which was a bit off-putting, but it made the book go by so much faster. I'm so glad it ended, happily, which is why I rounded up on a 3.5 review. In my opinion, this book was really slow, and it took me a few weeks to finish it, but I found it delightful and realistic how the characters were so different from how they were introduced. All the children had grown up. All in all, this was a stunning read that I'd recommend to those who are looking for a book with a chapter they can read for a few minutes each night, about change and about people.