Twists and Turns Galore!!

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Another awesome, twisty, turny thriller! I love to read a thriller that completely throws me for a loop and leaves me so shocked at the end! Worth the read if you want a surprising thriller!

There really isn't too much to say that will keep this review spoiler free. I know I thought I knew exactly how I felt about Maddie, Ian and Jo but then something would happen and I would feel the exact opposite of what I felt before! My feelings weren't completely set until the very end of the book and then I for sure knew how I felt about Maddie and I questioned everything about Ian and Jo in a way.

This book does have abuse in it and is heavy on PTSD, which can affect everyone even if they weren't military. I think it is a pretty honest portrayal of how people can feel.

This was such a good book and I plan on recommending it to everyone I know!