Tough story

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While the book starts on a hysterical note due to a 911 call the book however is more conversational and medical. Author throws poetic words like PTSD and Ian is a challenging character. For most of the book the past and present is put together slowly and methodically.

What did I like? You can tell early on that this is a broken marriage and I’m not quite sure how they made it so many years. Her friendship with Joanna seems important and it also feels like they are both fighting over the same man. The ending was so not a surprise.

Would I recommend or buy? Blurb sounded great but actually piecing the story together was a long road. If you like thriller type books then you may enjoy this one. Maddie was a confused character since you couldn’t really tell what was happening with her. Three stars!

I received a complimentary copy from bookishfirsts and voluntarily left a review.