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Starts off strong!

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I enjoyed this thriller...until the last 100 pages. I was disappointed with the final conclusion. Everything was pointing to Ian being this abusive husband or Fiona being some vicious ex-girlfriend. Instead it turns out someone else was manipulating everything.

This book still gets three stars for its intensity and drama and excellent writing. It kept me guessing for the first 2/3 then IMO the author rushed to come up with a twisty ending. I didn’t believe it, and it felt forced. Lots of loose ends and unanswered questions.

There were three timelines - Maddie and Ian’s relationship when they first meet. The weeks leading up to the killing. And the day of the killing.

I enjoyed the sessions with the therapist since this is when most of the background was revealed. The therapist was a wacky character but an important one.

Themes of military violence, PTSD and bi-polar. This was the author’s debut.