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Perfect for Book Clubs!

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Right from the beginning, this story draws the reader in and gives the sense that you know just what's going on. You have the obviously unlikeable person, and the charming person who falls for them. The story follows that comfortably familiar plot for so long, the reader gets a sense of security. The writing is so good, that's where the enjoyment is, but you already know what's going to happen in the end.

Only you don't. You have no idea, and the ending comes out of nowhere to stun your mind and leave you breathless.

I truly cannot speak highly enough of this author. Annie Ward has created characters with such depth and realness, I would not be at all surprised if I ran into them on the street. As the story progressed, I felt I would actually enjoy meeting some of these characters. They seem to be such interesting and intelligent people. I'd like to make their acquaintance!

But then more and more details would surface, and this feeling of unease grew stronger and stronger. What is going on here? I see the information that's coming forth, but it doesn't feel genuine, it doesn't seem complete. Clearly there's so much more going on beneath the surface, and, as they say, still waters run deep. Any kind of leviathan-like monster could be lurking here. As I raced to the ending of the book, all I knew for certain was that my sense of comfort from the beginning was all wrong. There is nothing comfortable or safe or predictable here.

Perfect for book clubs, for weekend reading, or for an intense one-day read. I highly recommend.