Such a great book

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beasts of prey by ayana gray was such a delight to read , thank you sooooooooo much bookishfirst and penguin random house for sending an arc ,
The characters were well developed and also Likable, I love the romance in the book
The cover is also sooooo pretty , I love the snake coming out from the bushes // forest and also the formatting of the book was also at the top
Ayana gray really put something in the book that made it so addictive and enjoyable
Although the book was great , the pacing was slow like really and the book was five hundred pages which could have been shortened but anyways the book was incredible
Also the series is getting a netflix adaptation, I repeat netflix adaptation!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited to see the characters in real life , hopefully it comes out soon because no I can't wait for long
Again , thank you penguin teen and bookishfirst for sending an arc , I am grateful