Really unique idea!

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I want to first thank Bookishfirst, Ayana Gray, and Penguin Teen for this advanced copy in exchange for an honest review!

I wasn't completely sure what this book was about, but knew that I was definitely intrigued by the title and cover! I'm so glad I picked it up!!

From the title you might think it's about some type of jungle safari (at least thats where my mind went 😂😂). It actually is about a world that used to have The Splendor (magic) and now has a deadly beast stalking the edge of the jungle brutally murdering the citizens.

The story follows a girl who is an indentured servant to the mysterious Night Zoo and a temple boy who is trying to become a Son of the Six, the towns warriors. They end up going on an adventure to try and stop the beast and save their people.

Genre is YA Fantasy, I do believe there are some curse words although I don't remember a ton. Romance is very minimal.