Original Pan-African inspired YA Fantasy! - 5 Stars Beasts of Prey

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I absolutely loved this fantasy story inspired by Pan-African folklore ! The story was original, characters were nuanced, and the jungle setting and beasts were wildly imaginative. A new favorite and I can’t wait to read the sequel.

The Night Zoo was a fun element and grasped my attention immediately. I really liked all the animal references and the jungle setting. The author note was interesting in that it describes the inspiration for the animals and mythical creatures used.

I also enjoyed the twists and turns within the book. The religious component was interesting to me and the Sons of the Six element. Koffi & Ekon were both nuanced characters who I loved equally! Their budding romance was so sweet and I'm eager to see what happens to both of them in the sequel.

I loved that Ayana decided to write this story with an entire Black cast of characters. It was done flawlessly, with excellent pacing, and a gripping plot.