Good Fantasy

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This was a typical YA fantasy to me, with a pretty predictable plot and your average teenage characters that don't quite fit in. However, I did enjoy the book and the Pan-African influence, which was definitely a chance of pace from the medieval-Europe influence a majority of fantasy stems from.

I liked the multi-POV and the fact that we're dealing with beasts in a zoo. It was a unique idea that just fell a little short of mind-blowing. I'm a sucker for enemies to lovers romance so Koffi's and Ekon's derision towards each other was both endearing and frustrating. However, they slowly open up and start liking each other and I wanted to transport myself into the story if only to "accidentally" bump into one of them and shove them into the other.

One thing I wished was developed more was the Great Jungle. It felt so rich, but we only got to see a few glimpses of it. I want a full-blown history lesson and complete magical knowledge.

Overall, this was a pretty good read I don't think you'll regret buying.