I loved it!!!and I want to keep reading

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Beasts of Prey is a magical, OwnVoices, Pan-African-inspired fantasy following two teens on a wicked jungle adventure. I absolutely loved it. Ayana Grey created a beautiful intoxicating world. Adiah’s chapters confused me a bit at first as the connection with the other two wasn’t made immediately, but they made much more sense as the book went on. It was difficult for me to navigate whose chapter was whose. And with three povs, that can get a little confusing. But once I got past those issues, the story flowed so smoothly. The magic in this reminded me a lot of ‘the gilded ones’ while the jungle adventure gave me major ‘written in starlight’ vibes. These characters were some of my faves to read about. Koffi, Ekon, and Adiah had such refreshing personalities. One of my favorite parts of this book was the magic system and world-building. I thought it was described and touched on just enough to keep you intrigued but there were never any major info-dumps. The author has this lush, vivid prose that was perfect for describing the eerily enchanting Greater Jungle and the mythological, beautiful beasts that roamed inside. It was stunning. I loved the preview and am so excited about the book.