Wished this book was around when I was in high school

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I thought this was a fantastic YA book--one that I would have absolutely loved had it come out when I was in high school. The story is an all-female take on The Outsiders, following the story of "bad girl" Evie who takes in "good girl" Diane after after a tense encounter at their town's local teen hangout spot. I enjoyed the main themes of the book: friendship among young women and the lengths they will go to in order to protect their friends, as well as socioeconomic class. This book does take place in high school so the characters are dealing with the typical struggles that many high schoolers go through. While I did enjoy reading this book as an adult, I think I would have loved it even more had I read it when I was the same age as the characters. Coming from someone who typically reads fiction set in the present day, I enjoyed the historical aspects of the book taking place in the 1960s.