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Bad Girls Never Say Die has been hailed as ‘a modern day, female version of The Outsiders. ‘. I think it would make S.E. Hinton proud!

Evie Barnes is a teenager growing up in southern Texas during the 60’s. She thinks she’s a bad girl because she hangs out with Connie and the rest of the bad girls. But the truth is: Evie is a little soft. She doesn’t skip all of her classes. And she respects her grandma and mother, whom she lives with.

Connie‘s been sent away for her bad behavior, but now she’s back. Evie joins the girls to celebrate Connie’s return. They decide to go see the shows at the drive-in theater. While getting refreshments, Evie sees a new girl from her school, Diane, getting picked on. Even though Diane is part of a different crowd, Evie still defends her. This comes in handy since Evie is attacked later that same night and it’s Diane who saves her. But at what cost?

Diane and Evie now share a secret and that secret starts an unlikely friendship between two girls from different sides of town. Your heart will be warmed by their friendship until the last pages are read.

In similar form to the authors previous book, MOXIE, readers will be rooting for the female characters as they stand up for their rights and claim their place in this crazy world.