The description left me disappointed after reading

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So for me, this was more like a 2.5 star review. However, I think I would have enjoyed it so much more if I didn't got into it expecting to love it and have the same feels that I did when I read The Outsiders. If I didn't have that in my head, I probably would have appreciated this book much much more.

The other thing that also gave me Goonie vibes (Goonies Never say Die, Bad Girls Never say Die...see the connection?)

So was it exactly like The Outsiders? Not exactly. There is still the story of the kids from the wrong side of the tracks (girls in this story) . Instead of bad boys with hearts of gold, we get bad girls with hearts of gold (who never say die). We get a character who is automatically assumed to be a prissy snob but also has a heart of gold.
I will say had it not been described as a retelling of the Outsiders or at least a book that is along the same lines as the Outsiders, I would have enjoyed it more.

Trigger warning does deal with sexual assault.