Outsiders Reimagined

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Thank you to the publisher and Bookish First for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Jennifer Mattieu's "Bad Girls Never Say Die" is, at its core, a feminist re-telling of SE Hinton's classic "The Outsiders". What if the main characters were women instead of men? Would it change your perspective on this classic?

I personally loved this re-telling and have been super into the genre of books being spun a different way from how they originally were when I first read them. This book has a lot to offer - adventure, loveable and hate-able characters, and young women trying to find themselves in a world truly made for men. This is an interesting idea for a book, and the execution is pretty great as well! I think that this is a wonderful book to indulge, but is definitely a YA book, so if you can't handle the YA angst, maybe steer clear of this one. I think girls who loved The Outsiders will love this book and be able to draw the parallels to this feminist re-telling of the classic.