Life is tuff

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*May Contain Spoilers*
How can I not like a book that combines the Outsiders with a Feminist touch. If you haven't read the Outsiders, I highly recommend it before reading this book so you can see all the comparisons and how she changed them. Especially the usage of the word "tuff". It's a small detail but yet it's such an important wording to keep in. Now to the more spoiler part of this review! I had the feeling that Jennifer was going to break my heart at the end like the Outsiders did! After Diane died, I was so sad that Evie didn't talk to Johnny. I get the main story is about her, but I wanted to get to see his side of the story. How did he handle her death besides crying alone? Even guys need emotional support too. Maybe that could be a small story the author could make later. (wink wink) All the characters,in some form, are realistic to the life of different teenagers. This is a great book that represents the problems girls can go through (beside murder on accident), from the range of rape to teen pregnancy and parent expectations/control on life. I loved the style of this book, so I can't wait to read Moxie!