Great Outsiders retelling

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In a gender swapped retelling of The Outsiders in 1964 Texas, Evie and her friends get involved with a girl from the nice side of town.

I love anything The Outsiders so I have been highly anticipating reading this one for a long time. Before I start, let me say that no one will ever replace Dallas Winston for me.. but Connie Treadway is pretty darn tuff and cool. I really loved reading this one. While it is a retelling, do not expect to know how it will unfold; there are many differences. Bad Girls Never is about female friendships against societal expectations and it is just really good; it is entertaining, sentimental, and meaningful. Give it a read.. The Outsiders fan or not you will still enjoy it.

“Maybe we do get sent away. But you know what else is true about us? Bad girls never give in. And bad girls never say die.”

Bad Girls Never Say Die comes out 10/19.