Feminist Outsiders

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I really enjoyed the feminist take on "The Outsiders" story. It opens with an attempted sexual assault that brings the main character, Evie, and Diane together. The assault isn't graphic in detail, however, which I appreciated because while it's a part of the driving force of the plot, a graphic description was definitely not needed. The book follows Evie, who is friends with the bad crowd. After Diane saves her from the attempted sexual assault, she starts to fall in with the good crowd, or "tea-sippers," as they call them. There's a lot of character development that felt pretty natural, especially given the circumstances that drive her.

One thing I loved was the depth that Evie's friends had, even though they were part of the "bad" crowd. They were there and stuck up for each other, and I loved their relationships and the dynamic. It was honestly one of the best parts of the book.

I kind of felt like the relationship between Evie and Diane was forced. Compared to the realistic relationship between Evie and her other friends, this relationship just kind of fell flat.

Overall, this was a really good read and I'm glad I picked it up!