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My friend let me borrow this creepy spooky of a book this book takes place back in the day and it’s about
Evie, Connie, Sunny, and Juanita don’t live in a posh neighborhood and don’t attend the best high school. Instead, they are relegated to a less than stellar high school who provided more of a babysitting service rather than an education.

On a fateful night out on the town, Evie is assaulted by one of the better neighborhood and well-to-do boys, Preston. As Evie struggles to fend off her assailant, she ultimately succumbs to the assault and blacks out. Evie then wakes up only to discover that Preston is dead — stabbed to death by one of the rich girls, Diane.
This one blew me away how creepy and dark it really was! This cover also drew me in and I loved this book! It was a dark read and I like that I’m expanding my readings! This one was a five star read.