Bad Bad Girls Come To Me!

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Goonies never say die and neither do bad girls! I finally got around to finishing this book and It was quite a story. It's touted as a Outsiders type gender bending story so I was immediately all in. Of course it has all the friendship vibes of the Outsiders but that was for me, where the similarities ended. Obviously this is a YA book so I expected to see a younger audience than me (even though I love ya) this was just a little to young for me. I did not find myself clicking with the characters, bad or good girls. After reading this book I feel like it's every fifty or sixties movie I have seen rolled into one book. To be honest I was let down a little with the overall story arc. I did see some surprising elements but then it was like oh yeah, west side story did that. Or hmmm that's very much like Deuces Wild. Maybe if you have not read or watched The Outsiders before then you would be a little more surprised.