Amazing Reimagining!

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Jennifer Mathieu is the author of a critically acclaimed book called Moxie, which I have to admit to have never read, and only recently seen the cover - so it's now on my list to read! She has now given us this crazy fun book, Bad Girls Never Say Die, which is supposedly a gender-flipped retelling of the book The Outsiders. Which I must also admit to having never read. I have heard a lot about that book though, so it will be added to my list to read! So, not knowing the background for this book or having read anything else by this author, I went in blind, but ended up really enjoying this story. I couldn't compare it to The Outsiders, but I think that that is okay, and I was able to experience this for the first time without anything to compare it to or judge it because of. Also, the cover is absolutely amazing, I was drawn in because of it, and I am so glad that I was!