A Well-Done YA Novel

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I decided to use my points on Bad Girls Never Say Die by Jennifer Mathieu because I have been reading her novels for years now and knew it would be good. The cover was also a big selling point for me because it is a great cover! I also adore retellings and could not wait to check out this latest one from Mathieu. I went in expecting it to be good based on my past experiences with her novels and was right. I tend to stay away from historical fiction but lately I have been enjoying some of them, and this one set in the 1960s was another example of a historical fiction I really enjoyed! I recommend checking out this well-done retelling of The Outsiders from this great author! Thank you, bookishfirst first and publisher for the hardcover copy of Bad Girls Never Say Die by Jennifer Mathieu. It was a great read and I am glad that I picked this one to spend my points on this year!