True Crime in Cali

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My prima just moved back to the midwest after being in hollywood and wow did I hear some stories about dark hollwood, woah! I can't share that business but I can share what I read in this book about a Doctor who uses his power and money to control heroine and meth addicts in Cali. I love how the author pursues this story even though the whole city and all the magazine editors are in the Doctors pocket. Honestly the city of Pasadena seemed very nice and bougie before Paul Pringle exposed the city hall and the police department in having covered up an overdose where a girl could have died. A good Samaritan working at the hotel tipped off authorities which led to Pringle finding about the case and believing that there is a cover up. Pringle's persistence in getting a well to do university to talk and the police department to write up a report they had ignored at first just shows a little of his badass detective work. Def recommend reading the whole report aka book <3