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This book exposes all of the work and detail the journalist, Paul Pringle, went into exposing the assaults and criminal behavior and activities that some staff members engaged in during a period of time. Main highlight was the head of the medical school, who provided drugs and housing in exchange for sex with a young addict, even going as far as to take drugs to her when she was in rehab.

The bigger story, in my opinion, was how many different agencies, including the police and even Paul's own newspaper, were in the pocket of USC and discouraging this story from coming out. This coverup was huge, and the hurdles that the author had to jump over to make this story come to light were huge.

I thought this was well written, and really engaging, especially the first 75% of the book. I did find the last few chapters to be more difficult to read for some reason, but it didn't impact the overall readability of the book. This is definitely a book that I would encourage others to read!