Fantastic investigative journalism

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I thought Pringle did an amazing job with this piece of investigative journalism. The book had me hooked throughout the whole story, to the point where I forgot I was reading nonfiction at times. The writing style was simple and straightforward. I did enjoy how the author wove some different events/individuals together to present a full picture of the corruption that was taking place. At first I was caught off guard by the switch from one story to another, but once I got into a groove of reading it didn't bother me. I am shocked that I had not heard any of these stories prior to reading the book!

The cover art conveyed some of the moods of the book and definitely made me want to pick it up when I first received it in the mail. While the book did make my blood boil, I was glad that Pringle shed light on these stories/scandals to help bring justice for those who were harmed.