A camping trip gone wrong.

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This book is about a camping trip gone wrong. It is not a horror novel, it is not a thriller. The title and the cover art very much imply that is a horror, thriller, or horror-thriller book, and it's not.

You can't read that title and see that cover and not think that there's some wicked madman who is going to do something heinous, but there isn't

Something bad happens, but that's after 90% of the book is over. Mostly you are just along for the ride while four pedestrian college-age young people go on a camping trip in the mountains of California. That trip, or having inadequate gear, or not letting people know where they are, is the "bad call" of the novel.

The last 20 or 30 pages were more interesting, because something happened, and then other things happened. But I would not say it was revelatory.