Not a big fan

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I was given the opportunity to read an early release copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest opinion of the book. I appreciate the publisher giving me the opportunity to read this book before it is available to the public. Thank you.

This was not my first book from this author. I have read one other book written by him. I hoped that I would like this one better than the first. Being honest, his writing style is not my favorite. I have had a really hard time becoming invested in his books as a result. I enjoy stories that are easier to read and engaged me right from the beginning. In my experience, his books are not page turners for me. I find myself having to labor over the book for a period of time before I start to see where it is going.

This is just my opinion. I like books where I feel immersed in the story from the start, that just didn't happen for me.