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Finding out the truth ...

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This book actually seems quite terrifying to me, to face reality. I have the utmost respect for the military, and can’t thank them enough for sacrificing their own lives to protect our country. My grandfather was in the Navy, many of my friends are in the army and coastguard and although they RARELY wish to talk about their experiences, I cringe when I hear the details of even the smallest things. The fact of the matter is that it’s easy to ignore what is going on if we aren’t there ourselves; to turn a deaf ear to the news. This book would be a rude awakening for any reader~~but I think it would make you appreciate your life, here on safe & solid ground.

Love does exist in these circumstances — my cousin and his wife met in the Airforce and are still going strong, they say it’s a bond like no other.

I’d be willing to read this book, but it would probably make me lose sleep at night.