I Wished

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3 intrigued fizzle stars.

While I absolutely adore the premise, the beginning narrator, and the torment of magic in wishes, I felt that flame slowly dwindle down to a spark then to ash.

The protagonist, Eldon, is truly unique. He is wise in that he knows his wish can have a monumental impact now, but could be 'just another wish' in the future.

However, while he seemed wise, realistic in some ways, and a bit like me in his trust issues, he was also cynical, rude, and pessemistic in addition to all that.

Thing is, the 'bad' outweighed the 'good' when it came to his attitude. I love a person who shows all these attributes in the beginning because it usually means they'll learn (some) lessons and move on/change. This was not the case. He makes changes to other people, their secrets, and relationships, but never did I ever see effort of himself altering himself.

I was disappointed in that.

However, I did have some aspects I did enjoy.

Oh my gosh, this idea was absolutely the main reason I wanted desperately to read this book! I mean, WISHES! POWER! Tragedy (in some sense)! I loooovvvveeeedddd it. When one person in this town turns 18, they get a wish. On one side of the coin, one can view the possibilities: luxury, MONEY, BOOKS, power, love (ehhhh), you get the point.

Yet, on the other side of the coin, something else to consider, though as ugly as it may be, is the flip side. The obsession that comes with the wish for love. The downfall when you become the best of the best only to have it ripped away from you with another's wish for the same (or more).

This was the main reason I jumped for joy when I saw I was given a copy. (And I thank you for this opportunity Soucebooks Fire).

In addition to that, there was the setting that creeped me a bit out, intrigued my curious, mystery loving side, and made me want to live in the place (Madison) for a while. (Though not forever because I have a home here where I am and I quite enjoy it).

I received an electronic advance reader copy in exchange for a fair/honest review.