Gift or curse?

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The core premise of this novel, that on their 18th birthdays the residents of a small town in the Mojave get to make a wish that will come true, intrigued me from the start. We’ve all made “wishes” at some point in our lives, but what if you could make one that was life-altering and KNOW it would happen? And at such a young age. It spurred some interesting discussion with some friends recently and I imagine other readers gave it some serious thought.

Of course, the wishes often come with unexpected side-effects, as demonstrated by several characters in the book. These backstories were as interesting as the journey made by the narrator, Eldon, as he tries to figure out what he should wish for in the weeks up to his 18th. Like many other reviewers, I found it difficult to connect with Eldon, and really didn’t like him. But I was able to relate to his struggle to come to grips with the decision that will change (and maybe determine) the course of his life, and that was the motivation that kept me reading to the end.

This is not my usual type of novel, and I am many years past the age of the YA target audience, but I was glad to receive a copy to review from BookishFirst. My thanks to them, the publisher and author for the chance to read it.