What if you had one wish?!

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This is a stand alone, young adult book that does not have a heavy relationship laden storyline. This is like a four leaf clover. It doesn't happen very often and when it does it is amazing. The cover is also beautiful!

Eldon lives near the Mojave Dessert that is well know for flying sauces and alien sighting but his small town of Madison is really the one with a true secret to hide. When you turn 18 you get to have one wish granted. You can imagine the kind of wish an 18 year olds wish for. Some have very little thought while others right out detailed wishes. However, Eldon has no idea what he wants to wish for.

What I loved about this story was learning about what other people wished for an how it turned out for them.

This book had great pacing and it never felt like it was dragging and I always wanted to keep reading. It was easy to ready and made me think about the choice we make as a young adult and how they can change our future path.