The Strength of Women

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This book starts out during the Flu Epidemic of 1918. Right away you are enveloped in the world of the Bright women, the author does a wonderful job describing the time, the city, and the people. My limited knowledge of this epidemic was nothing like this book described, it was so much harder and devastating than our history classes taught us.

All three girls were well developed characters and all evolved emotionally and physically as the book progressed. There were many moments that brought me to tears, during the flu epidemic and as the years went on. Although there were many sad and melancholy moments the book ended with happiness and hope for the future. I loved, that although the author could have taken us far into the future and told us their fates, that she left it to our imaginations to decide how their lives may have played out. The book starts with a chapter from Pauline, the mother and oldest of the women, and ends with a chapter from Willa, the youngest girls, perspective which I liked as sign of progress and changing times. I would love it if eventually we get another visit to Willa's world as she really comes into her own in her 20's.

This book was a beautiful story of mothers and daughters, sisters and the strength of women.