Such a good book!

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Has a book ever taken you by surprise with how much you loved it? More than you thought you would? That was this book for me! I wasn't sure how I felt going into it, but I am so glad I read it, because I absolutely loved it!!

This book is told from four different point of views. It is told from Pauline's point of view as well as her three daughters: Evelyn, Maggie, and Willa. I thought it was going to get confusing with that many narraters, but it actually flowed really well! Each character is so different and unique, and it's so fun getting to see things from their perspectives.

This book is gut wrenching, and full of hope, love, and family. This book shows how each decision you make can change you and shape you. You may want to have tissues on hand when you read this one. If you're a fan of historical fiction books, I highly recommend checking this one out!