Wasn't what I expected.

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2.5 stars.
I was very disappointed with this book. I was really looking forward to it but it just didn't reach my expectations for it. I felt like it took long to get through this book. And that's crazy because it's really not a long book.
I didn't feel any chemistry between Alejandro and Anamaria. It felt forced.
I love the tight knit family thing but in this book, it felt overbearing. The meddling mothers got on my nerves. Like, why force your grown kids into seeing someone they don't want to.
I like that author included some Spanish words and sentences here and there but at the same time was annoyed when I had to read it again in English. And I get that she did that for those who doesn't know Spanish. But because I understand it, it felt like it took longer.
I also felt like there was a lot of unnecessary descriptions in the story that made the book drag.
All in all, this book wasn't for me but someone else might enjoy this.