Second Chance at an Island Romance

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I enjoyed this one slightly more than the last, but they both hold the same positive aspects. I loved the family and cultural involvement. It was really nice to delve back into the community of people presented in this series. The continued development from the last book put even more character to the people in this book. The Latinx culture was presented in an excellent way in both books. Having Spanish sprinkled throughout made the atmosphere very immersive. The author did a phenomenal job at explaining what the Spanish sentences meant, but in a very natural way. We always knew what had been said, even if it was in Spanish.

For this book specifically, and not the series as a whole, I enjoyed the way the second chance trope was done. It wasn’t like the two main characters had once had a heated brake up or something. They just drifted when they went their separate ways as they got older. This made it a lot more realistic when they still have feelings for each other. There is also the aspect of them having been very close friends since they were young.

Moving back to the aspect of family involvement in this book, it was fun to see the interaction of all the members of both families. The aspect of the families being close made the story just a little bit more appealing. Both families wanted what was best for both members involved in the relationship that is developed in this book. However, the aspect of family shown in this book isn’t always the supportive kind. There are people in this book that have their issues. This side plot gave a dynamic and realistic feel.

The romance was sweet and fun to read about. Although, I did not feel much stake or risk in it. Nothing really happened that had me at the edge of my seat. However, it is a perfect fast, summer read that envelopes you in the vibrant setting of Key West.