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Anchored Hearts is the second in Priscilla Oliveras’s Keys to Love Series. The books follow the Navarro siblings, this one featuring Anamaría, an aspiring personal trainer. Her childhood friend turned high school boyfriend, Alejandro Miranda, returns home after a hiking adventure gone wrong and their mamis are on a mission to reignite their young love.

Filled with beautiful descriptions of Key West, vibrant representation of Cuban culture, and heartwarming glimpses of family, Anchored Hearts is a scrumptious summer romance.

The central issue keeping Alejandro and Anamaría apart is Alejandro’s need to escape Key West, estranged and ousted by his father after Ale’s refusal to follow his father’s legacy and run the family restaurant. At 18 he packs his bags to become a professional photographer assuming Anamaría will follow.

But she doesn’t. She chooses to stay in Key West with her family and discover her future breaking both of their hearts.

10 years later while is Alejandro recovering from his injury, Anamaría and Alejandro absolutely cannot deny they still want each other. The steam generated between them is boiling hot, lemme tell you.

Oliveras really knows how to wrench your heart in this one. The tension between Alejandro and his father is painful, both too stubborn to admit defeat.

The longing and familiarity between Anamaría and Alejandro is so so poignant it heart my heart in all of their interactions. It’s all about the slow burn here, and so worth it in the end. This book is an absolute read, perfect for trips to the beach.