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Funny and charming

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Anamaria is a feisty and fun character in this charming first glimpse of Anchored Hearts. She rolls her eyes at her mami's guilt tripping but still wants to "do the right thing" as her daughter. This is clearly a tight-knit family affair that will involve a mixture of Anamaria's family members throughout the narrative. The first two chapters are dialogue heavy as Anamaria navigates feelings of regret toward her former love, Alejandro. The mami guilt intensifies as both their mothers want them to rekindle their relationship. Anamaria is stubborn and unwilling to bend.

The writing is detailed and fast-paced. I felt involved in the character's conversations and invested in what is going to happen to them next. I enjoy how the author uses Spanish words and phrases to highlight the character's culture and set the tone of the story.