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I liked it a lot. Anchored Hearts by Priscilla Oliveras is the second book in the Keys to Love series, and is just as good as the first. The books is a wonderful Latinx romance that dives into Cuban culture and the relationship between Anamaría and Alejandro.

I thought that the plot was amazing, and I was eager to read the parts where Anamaría and Alejandro were together. Their dialogue was sweet and cute, and I found myself looking forward to them being together.

Though I don't understand Spanish well, I could understand most of the book.

Priscilla Oliveras has a wonderful was of describing things, in much detail but not overly complicated. By the way she was describing some of the food had my mouth watering. I can tell how much chemistry there is between Anamaría and Alejandro.

The book itself is about Anamaría and Alejandro, childhood sweethearts, who hate that they love each other because of how they parted. Alejandro leaves the island to pursue a life outside, and Anamaría stays. But after a terrible injury, Alejandro is forced back into island life, forced to acknowledge his father and former girlfriend.