Back to Key West

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Are you ready to go back to Key West for some steamy romance?

I'm not sure what I loved more - the scene or the characters. I loved the latinx flair, the romance, and the heat. Priscilla Olivares has a way of writing a story that begs to be read. From meddling mommas to independent daughters, this one isn't to be missed!

I took this book with me to Palm Beach, FL and it was the perfect book to read while laying on the beach. Just as she did with the first book in this series, the characters are well written to the plot, giving you an indepth look at what is building their relationship.

I'm not usually a fan of second chance romance, but this book definitely changed that. There were so many feelings to dig through to reveal that the flame on the fire is still burning. Anamaria's job as a firefighter means she knows how to extinguish the flame - but does she really want to?