Too much use of Spanish language with not enough context clues

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I was excited to read anything set in the Florida Keys. Unfortunately even with a decent amount of conversational Spanish under my belt, there is too much use of Spanish phrases and sentences in this book. While it is understandable that this helps the setting and culture, it will hang up many readers who are not familiar with the language. It may be better served to be printed in different languages, with less leniency on the conversational Spanish as part of the text.

Setting that aside, I recall reading a shorter 'first look' of this book months ago and felt it dragged and was not engaging to me. Having read a longer excerpt now, I stand by my first 'first impression'.

I want to love this book, but I'm very disappointed to say it does not hold my attention, It's especially disappointing considering the setting and the story-telling of a island-local family, because I'd love to learn more about both.

This is a no-go for me and I won't be entering the raffle. :(