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Very British and very interesting.

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When I started this book, I thought it was the typical affair thriller with one or another of the trio involved attempting to do away with one of the others. That was not the deal here. Instead the affair ends in a charge of rape, complete with trial. English courts are not run the way American courts are, which is why I called it Very British. There is a surprise in the court section of the story, involving a person both the married couple knew way back when but have forgotten because she was only in their lives a short period of time. In typical pattern, the well-off respectable man will get off the rape charge and his wife will leave him , but there is another surprise for us. I like how the book just didn't end with what we expected but instead threw us a curve ball with a whole different ending. Never take a compliant wife for granted.
I received this book from Bookish for this review.