Absolutely Must Read

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If you enjoyed Apple Tree Yard then you will Love this!

My first read of 2018 and what a way to kick-start the year with, it is a gripping and immersive book that is a definite “Burn the midnight oil” kind of book! But completely worth the loss of sleep 🙂

Set between 1993 Oxford University and London 2017 the story is told from 5 view points, the main ones being Kate, James and Sophie. Kate a QC who specialising in rape trials, James a member of parliament and close friend of the prime minister and Sophie, wife of James and mother to his 2 children. The other people to lend their voices to the narrative of this story are Alison or Ali as she was known at uni and Holly, another class mate from the uni days.

There is a plot twist part way in but I saw that one coming, however that didn’t detract from the enjoyment and adds another layer to the story.

The characters may not be real but they so easily could be and the storyline its self could be real, I expect if you went riffing back through history you might well find something similar. This has been written in such a good way the lines between fiction and reality become blurred and you half expect to switch on the news and see the headlines about James scrolling across screen!

It will be a book that stays with me long after completing and gives a lot of food for thought.

Would I recommend this book? 100% Yes! Not to just people who enjoy a good court room trial but to anyone, no matter what their normal genre of books are.