When you fall for a beautiful Countess...

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A fabulous tale filled with romance and intrigue. Author Gary Dickson crafts a story set in the early 60's, an American student embarking on a journey to Switzerland. From upper class Southern wealth Scott Stoddard has led a life of privilege and the constraint of parents who expect to give approval to all his life choices. While taking in the worldly life of all Switzerland has to offer his eyes...and his desire...become focused on the one and only Countess Desiree de Rovere of France. Old wealth and lots of baggage the Countess is not exactly a match made in Heaven. To pursue her comes with it's tumultuous issues...to which there are many. This story takes us on a slow journey filled with jealousy, despair, and the ever popular "odds against us" love that good romance tales embody.

A tantalizing tale, beautiful writing style, atmospheric vibes...a wonderful read through a slow romantic journey.

Thanks to the author Gary Dickson and to BookishFirst for my free copy of this book won via giveaway. I received. I read. I reviewed this book honestly and voluntarily.