Sadly Did Not Finish

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With such a stunningly gorgeous cover, and a storyline that seemed so promising, this historical romance was a real miss for me.

Scott Stoddard seemed the perfect character to win over the affections of Countess de Rovere, out-of-his-league French divorcee whom Scott catches a glimpse of when he embarks on his journey to Switzerland. Sadly, I never made it far enough to know exactly what became of this ill-fated romance.

While I could absolutely picture Scott and Countess both in my mind's eye -- Scott a young and handsomely ambitious grad student, and the Countess an elegant sight to behold -- I could simply never find myself drawn to their story. I kept thinking I HAD to be missing something, with a book as promising as this one felt, but.....according to its reviews I was not alone in my disappointment. I hate that this was a miss for me, but it sure was!